Michal Urbánek  (CEITEC BUT, Czechia)
Magnetic vortices​

Eric Fullerton (Center for Memory and Recording Research, UC San Diego, USA)
X-ray scattering, neutron diffraction, FeRh nanostructures

Fausto Sirotti, Federico Pressacco (synchrotron Soleil, France)
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and ultrafast dynamics

Dafiné Ravelosona (C2N, Université Paris Sud, France)
Thin film growth by pulsed laser deposition (PLD), strain control of magnetism

Franca Albertini (CNR, Italy)
Multifunctional Magnetic Materials

Jan Čechal (CEITEC BUT, Czechia)

Stanislav Průša (CEITEC BUT, Czechia)
Low-energy ion scattering spectroscopy (LEIS)

Nicolas Rougemaille (Institut Néel, France)
Frustrated magnets, spin-ice structures