Magnetic materials are ubiquitous in current electronics, sensors and power systems. Their high tunability offers a multitude of new approaches to non-volatile data storage, high-speed information transfer, energy recovery, drug delivery and sensing. Understanding the dynamics and fundamental phenomena in nanomagnets is crucial for finding ways in which electronic and magnetic order can be efficiently controlled using the least energy possible.

The research is carried out in two closely collaborating groups:

- Nanomagnetism and Spintronics group at CEITEC


Magnetism Student Club

(not only) For students, by students; held usually once a month.
Next session: 12 March 2020: Band structure and ferromagnetism

7 February 2020ThermoFisher sholarships

Václav Roučka, Jan Hajduček and Libor Vojáček were chosen by ThermoFisher as awardees of this year TFS stipendium. Congratulations!

5 February 2020 : Women in Science quiz (CEITEC BUT teatime)
Women in Science quiz - winners

Lucka M. together with Jan S. won the quiz!

Ondra W. and Jakub H. were 2nd! Congratulations!

Take the quiz as well ( slides) and test your knowledge.
Can you have more than 12 correct answers (out of 15)?

27-29 January 2020 : Magnetism Winter Retreat (Vlachovice): Seminars & Discussions & Physical training

Group photo - cross-country skiing