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18 December 2020 : Online Christmas party (with self-made hot/mulled wine) + new publications

Initially planned stroll around the country (walk) had to be replaced by a fully contactless (online) event due to the deteriorating pandemic situation. Nevertheless, we enjoyed some fun and celebrated (applauded to) several personal and team achievements
[ to be revealed at a later stage :) ]. 

Marek Vaňatka submitted his thesis during the online event. Congratulations!

In another development : Two joint papers with Grenoble accepted (magnetic nanotubes, pixaleted DPC /electron holography); New preprints on spinwaves and antiskyrmions available on ArXiv. See our list of Publications for more details.

14 July 2020 : APL coverpage: Propagation of spin waves through a Néel domain wall

Our recent publication was selected as a featured article and appeared on the cover page of APL 117 (2). Double-congratulations to Ondra Wojewoda and Jukub Holobrádek who also successfully defended their master's theses!

Other students'defenses: Lucie Motyčková (master's), Lucie Dočkalová (bachelor's)

13 May 2020 : New articles published (PRB, PRApplied + new arXiv preprint)

Recently 2 works of the group have been published:

7 February 2020ThermoFisher sholarships

Václav Roučka, Jan Hajduček and Libor Vojáček were chosen by ThermoFisher as awardees of this year TFS stipendium. Congratulations!

Women in Science quiz - winners 5 February 2020 : Women in Science quiz (CEITEC BUT teatime)

  • Lucka M. together with Jan Staněk (outside the group) won the quiz!
  • Ondra W. and Jakub H. were 2nd! Congratulations!

Take the quiz as well ( slides) and test your knowledge. Can you have more than 12 correct answers (out of 15)?

27-29 January 2020 : Magnetism Winter Retreat (Vlachovice): Seminars & Discussions & Physical training

Seminar contributions: Group photo - cross-country skiing

  • Igor Turčan: Magnetization dynamics and magnetic resonance
  • Michal Staňo: Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) in Magnetism and Spintronics
  • Michal Horký: Hall effects - Electrical transport studies of materials​
  • Marek Vaňatka: VNA operation and​ measurement of spin wave dispersion
  • Jon Arregi: K-index (Kardashian Index)
  • Michal Urbánek: on negative consequences of obsession with scientometry

European School on Magnetism 2019: Experimental techniques


​The 2019 session of the European School on Magnetism took place in Brno, Czech Republic, 2-13 Sep 2019. It was hosted by the Brno University of Technology and the Central European Institute of Technology, and organized by Michal Urbánek and Vojtěch Uhlíř and their groups.

27 September 2019 : Researchers' Night / Noc vědců 2019: Šetrně k planetě

Group members will took part in the 2019 Researchers' Night at CEITEC BUT (mostly in Czech).

26-30 August 2019 : Joint European Magnetic Symposia 2019

Group members participated in JEMS2019 in Uppsala.

6 May 2019 : Science Party 2019 (Popularization of science)
Lukáš Flajšman, Igor Turčan, Jiří Jaskowiec and Libor Vojáček took part in popularization of science at Science Party Brno 2019. Some photos here (team members in green T-shirts).

3-7 September 2018 : Joint European Magnetic Symposia 2018

Group members participated in JEMS2018 presenting 2 talks and 7 posters and promoting the European School on Magnetism 2019 (organized by the group). More information here.

11 May 2018: Science Party 2018 (Popularization of science)
Vojta Uhlíř and Lukáš Flajšman took part in popularization of science at Science Party Brno: Celebrate 100 years of the Czech Science and its future.

27 April 2018
Lukáš Flajšman with his introduction to magnonics won the best talk award @ CEITEC PhD & Postdoc retreat 2018

25 April 2018
Igor Turčan received Brno PhD talent award to support his research on magnetism in curved geometries! Congratulations! Read more on CEITEC website.

18 March 2017
Vojtěch Uhlíř and Jon Arregi introduce magnetic activities of the group in a public TV broadcast.

On 18 March Vojta and Jon presented CEITEC Nano laboratory, nanotechnology, magnetism (magnetic recording) as well as our current research on FeRh nanostructures in public Czech TV (CT1) broadcast (Týden v regionech, 6 min, in Czech). Other group members were featured as well (Jirka Liška, Jirka Jaskowiec, and Michal Horký). Link here