Magnetic materials are ubiquitous in current electronics, sensors and power systems. Their high tunability offers a multitude of new approaches to non-volatile data storage, high-speed information transfer, energy recovery, drug delivery and sensing. Understanding the dynamics and fundamental phenomena in nanomagnets is crucial for finding ways in which electronic and magnetic order can be efficiently controlled using the least energy possible.

The research is carried out in two closely collaborating groups:

- Nanomagnetism and Spintronics group at CEITEC


19 May 2023: New publications (field concentrators, magnonics, FeRh)

Magnetic flux concentrators

Multiple articles have been published recently on various topics - magnetic field concentrators, magnonics, and FeRh metamagnets:

31 January 2023: FeRh nanoislands paper published

Preserving Metamagnetism in Self-Assembled FeRh Nanomagnets , ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 15 (6), 8653-8665 (2023). Link, also on arXiv.

Keywords : Self-assembly, FeRh, Solid-state dewetting, Metamagnetism, Antiferromagnetism, Supercooling

Subjects:  Dewetting, Magnetic properties, Nanoparticles, Phase transitions, Surface energy.

3 November 2022 : Igor Turčan defended his PhD thesis; new group members (visiting researchers)

Igor successfully defended his doctoral thesis "Magnetism in curved geometries". We wish Igor good luck both in personal and further professional life at Thermo Fisher Scientific company  and congratulate him on his recent promotion.

Further personal changes in the group
Friederike Ringe finished her internship. To balance the number of people, we now welcome 2 visiting researchers: Andrey Voronov (PhD student from University of Vienna) and Francisco Javier Peña Espinoza (UNAM, Mexico).

5 October 2022 : MetaMagIC project meeting in Liège

Within the CHIST-ERA project MetaMagIC, we took part in the project workshop at University of Liège. Jan Hajduček presented our results on TEM magnetic imaging of flux concentrators on SiN membranes

MetaMagIC project logoOur team at Liège-GuilleminsMetaMagIC project members

15 September 2022 : Celebrating 10th anniversary of CEITEC with new preprints

While the 10th anniversary of CEITEC was already in 2021, only now we could celebrate it properly with other colleagues. Aside from listening to live folk music, our team members also took part in traditional Moravian dancing.

New preprints on metamagnets and magnonics are available:

Winter retreat 2020