Magnetic materials are ubiquitous in current electronics, sensors and power systems. Their high tunability offers a multitude of new approaches to non-volatile data storage, high-speed information transfer, energy recovery, drug delivery and sensing. Understanding the dynamics and fundamental phenomena in nanomagnets is crucial for finding ways in which electronic and magnetic order can be efficiently controlled using the least energy possible.

The research is carried out in two closely collaborating groups:

- Nanomagnetism and Spintronics group at CEITEC


14 November 2021: CEITEC partnership with BeMAGIC ITN (Magnetoelectrics beyond 2020)

Being a partner organization of the BeMAGIC ITN (Innovative Training Network) we are now hosting 2 PhD Researchers:

  • Eleftherios Niapos (TTS) - enrolled for PhD at CEITEC; Topic: Metal/oxide bilayers for non-volatile magnetoelectrics
  • Gajanan Pradhan (IRNIM) - secondment at CEITEC; Topic: Electric field-induced reversal of magnetization in multiferroic topological nanostructures

22 October 2021: Tree Planting - 10th anniversary of CEITEC (+ plum products, barbecue)

A plum tree (1 out of 10) was planted by "magnetic forces" as a part of celebrations of the 10th anniversary of CEITEC, our umbrella organization. Some may object that magnetic forces do no work; given the fact that the hole digging (major work) was done by someome else, we find the above statement appropriate :).

The planting was followed by a small barbecue and degustation of plum products (external source for the time being).

29 April 2021: New "wave" of published/accepted publications!

Paper on imaging of antiskyrmions accepted in Nature Communications!

27-29 January 2020: Magnetism Winter Retreat (Vlachovice): Seminars & Discussions & Physical training