Bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses prepared in the group.

Magnonics (spin waves)

Davídková (2023, master's, EN) - Nonlinear spin-wave power limiter for RF applications

Pavelka (2023, bachelor's) - Parametric pumping as a short-wavelength spin-wave source

Klíma (2023, bachelor's) - Spin waves in non-trivial magnetic landscapes

Dočkalová (2022, master's, EN) - Spin wave turns

Roučka (2021, master's, EN) - Spin wave propagation in structures with locally modified magnetic anisotropy

Davídková (2021, bachelor's) - Excitation of exchange spin waves using microwave nano antennas

Wojewoda (2020, master's, EN) - Phase-resolved Brillouin light scattering: development and applications

Flajšman (2019, Ph.D. thesis, EN) - Magneto-optical study of the dynamic properties of magnetic nanostructures and nanostructured metamaterials

Roučka (2019, bachelor's) - Design of the device for magnetodynamic characterization of magnetic materials and nanostructures

Wojewoda (2018, bachelor's, EN) - Dispersion relation of magnonic crystals with nontrivial spatial distribution of magnetic anisotropy

Křižáková (2018, master's, EN) - Spin wave excitation and propagation in magnonic crystals prepared by focused ion beam direct writing

Turčan (2017, master's, EN) - Study of magnonic crystals in a frequency domain

Metastable fcc Fe

Holobrádek (2020, master's, EN) - Metastable iron thin films for magnetic metamaterials

Horký (2016, master's) - Growth of metastable fcc Fe thin films on Cu/Si(100) substrates

Křižáková (2016, bachelor's) - Magnetic properties of materials based on metastable Fe-Ni thin films

Gloss (2014, master's, EN) - Magnetic transformation of metastable fcc Fe/Cu(100) films by focused ion beam

Magnetic microscopies (+ Magnetic vortices)

Molnár (2023, master's, EN) - Magneto-optical gradient effect imaging of magnetic textures

Molnár (2021, bachelor's, EN) - Magneto-optical imaging and analysis of magnetic domain microstructures

Nekula (2021, bachelor's, EN) - Development of the scanning time-resolved Kerr microscope

Dhankhar (2021, Ph.D. thesis, EN) - Magnetic vortex based memory device

Flajšman (2015, master's, EN) - Vectorial Kerr magnetometry

Vaňatka (2015, master's, EN) - Spin vortex states in magnetostaticaly coupled magnetic nanodisks

Turčan (2015, bachelor's) - Variable Field Magnetic Force Microscopy

Staňo (2014, master's, EN) - Characterization of magnetic nanostructures by magnetic force microscopy

Flajšman (2013, bachelor's) - Design of the apparatus for the measurement of the magnetic properties of the micro and nanostructures [MOKE, "Miranda"]