Magnonics & Metastable Iron

Magnetic patterning by focused ion beam writing 

Direct writing of magnetic patterns by focused-ion-beam irradiation presents a favorable alternative to the conventional lithography approaches. We study epitaxially grown metastable face-centered cubic (fcc) Fe thin films which undergo structural (fcc->bcc) and magnetic (paramagnetic->ferromagnetic) phase transformation upon ion-beam-irradiation. By using focused ion beam (FIB) we are able to write ferromagnetic (bcc Fe) patterns into the paramagnetic (fcc Fe) layer with sub-100 nm resolution with control over the saturation magnetization (irradiation dose) and even anisotropy (irradiation scanning direction).

The transformed structures are ideal for building complex magnonic circuits and devices. Currently, the project runs in two branches, one branch is aimed to material development and the second branch focuses on magnonic application.

For further details, contact Michal Urbánek (michal.urbanek(at)

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